easter and us.

So this year I decided to gracefully bow out of the whole family Easter bit and took a small road trip out of Nashville with two wonderfully hilarious guys and an overnight bag. Sunday we all woke up with plenty of time for coffee and a sentimental stop at the local Hardees, and then we … More easter and us.

paint in hair.

I am in no shape, form or fashion an artist, nor am I a painter. I don’t even try to pretend – I mastered the stick figure at age 5 and have not progressed much further. I might have drawn a house or something in a required art class but obviously that was not my … More paint in hair.

eat, sleep, repeat.

white blank page, mumford & sons Can you lie next to herAnd give her your heart, your heartAs well as your bodyAnd can you lie next to herAnd confess your love, your loveAs well as your follyAnd can you kneel before the kingAnd say I’m clean, I’m cleanBut tell me now, where was my faultIn … More eat, sleep, repeat.