J Roddy and Turtles.

Ok, so I don’t usually go on music rants. It’s no secret that I am obsessed with music, lyrics most specifically, but I usually swing the old-fashioned way and just pass good music on to friends here and there. However, I must tell my most recent obsessions. Actually there are two that have recently captured my heart and soul…

1. J Roddy Walston & the Business, J Roddy Walston & the Business

I loved them from the second I heard their name, I mean, what is NOT to love when “the Business” is part of the group name and album title? They have a Southern raw grit sound that you just can’t get anymore, and their lyrics are as hilarious as they are geniusly true. Yes, it’s safe to say I have a major crush on these boys from Baltimore, and while I was sadly not there to see them at Bonnaroo, I hear they were outrageous. Buy the album, immediately fall in love with “Don’t Break the Needle,” “Pig and Pearls,” and “Caroline.” I dare you not to sing at the top of your lungs. Honestly, I have had this album on repeat ever since it was given to me, and I love when friends ride with me and they start to love J Roddy as well. Spreading the love, that’s what I’m doing.

2. Trampled by Turtles, Palomino

Oh man, I cannot say enough about this album. Beware, you might just cry the first one or two times you listen to “Bloodshot Eyes,” but I promise, it’s worth the emotional roller coaster. These guys for real know what they’re doing, and the gamut of feelings you get whilst listening to their bluegrass amazingness is perfect. Each song is hauntingly beautiful, enough to make you want to either grab somebody and kiss them or text your most recent significant other and admit you miss them. After listening to the aforementioned track, listen to “Wait So Long” and tell me that’s not about a prostitute in a small town. Bluegrass at it’s finest. Enough said.

Now here’s the beautiful part for those of you who live in (or close enough to) Nashville. Both bands are playing shows in October, and both at pretty small venues. I could not be more excited! Buy the albums, get your tickets, and prepare to fall in love with good music.


teenage dream.

So I’m teaching 8th grade English again this year…same song, second verse. A brand new year means brand new kids, and let me tell you, these kids are not afraid to say exactly what they’re thinking!

On the first day, I decided to forgo the boring “stand and say your name and then what you did this summer” and opted for the more creative, 2 Truths and a Lie. The name of the game is to try and trick your classmates, blurring the line between the truth and lies about yourself. Although I had been warned by far smarter bystanders that I should brace myself for less than appropriate responses, I was confident that this would work! And work it did, until the last period of the day. One nerdy, yet confident boy that shall go unnamed simply because I haven’t learned his name yet, comes to the front to take his turn:

“I’m really good at basketball.
I made all A’s last year.
(….long pause…..)

…AND Ms. Powell makes me feel like I’m living a teenage dream.”

Needless to say I was shocked and totally weirded out, making it impossible to hold any resemblance of a stern teacher face. So I laughed, called him Katy Perry and told him to sit down. It is definitely going to be an interesting year.

With all that said, I’m holding onto summer for the time being… staying up too late, driving with my windows rolled down and singing some J. Roddy.

I know you hate me baby, but don’t break the needle.

Vegas, baby!

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas… I have to admit, I really had no idea what to expect from my first date with Vegas, what with all of its glittery awesomeness. We drove in from LA through the desert that is Nevada, like the true bad A’s that we are, and I knew from the time we drove past Caeser’s that it was going to be an excellent girl’s weekend. By the time we got to the room and made ourselves presentable it was sometime after midnight, which is early around those parts, so we headed to dinner at this perfect little Italian place on the streets of faux-NYC. This is also where I made one of many comedic attempts at winning BIG at the slots…naturally they hooked me and every other girl under the age of 45 with a “sex and the city” game. I spent a whole dollar and pushed buttons hoping to get lucky, and when the machine did in fact go nuts with crazy lights surrounding “Mr. Big: $712.16” and cheesy theme music ensued I thought I had won BIG for sure. So we were all freaking out and being girls about it until the actual “win ticket” printed out, clearly stating I had won $16.12. Was I still excited? Of course.
So from there the adventure continued…I saw WAY too many brides, 98% of whom had a beer (or two) in leu of a bouquet, and I witnessed more boys bachelor-partying than I ever imagined…sadly no Bradley Cooper lookalikes, though. But I promise you, we saw it ALL, including Celine Dion, which I have to say was just as cheesy as I expected but was such a great show that even I was giving her a standing O at the end just like every other fan in the packed house. And yes, she encored with “my heart will go on” and yes, the lady in front of us SOBBED during its entirety. I also may or may not have contracted some sort of sexually transmitted disease from walking barefoot through the Luxor due to the fact that my heels just weren’t working for me anymore after many hours.
All in all, we spent quality time by the pool, got some good sun and met some pretty interesting characters, and laughed the WHOLE time. We boxed it out to keep the creepers at a safe distance, and we saw more asian tourists (sorry Chuck) than we ever expected to see in one place. Vegas was just as cheesy and wonderful as I imagined it to be, from the showgirls on the street at 10 am to the cotton candy I was served after eating at a buffet (no judgement, it’s a Vegas institution!).
We spent a lot of dolla dolla bills and lost a lot of sleep, but we did not lose our dignity, despite our surroundings. And after all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? We sure hope so.