No kitten heels.

Ah, self-control. Exhibiting discipline over one’s self. Being in my twenties and more importantly a female I have generally viewed this as a nice sentiment but far too daunting to master. However, I vowed when I turned the big 25 and became a real adult that I would do better. I would go further, try … More No kitten heels.

Jenny and Shelley.

Long before she was Jenny Lewis and rising up with fists(!), she was just freckle-faced Jenny Lewis, playing Shelley Long’s daughter in one of the greatest/cheesiest films of 1989 – Troop Beverly Hills. Every female knows what I’m talking about when I say this film is genius. Shelley Long parades in outrageous attire, changing outfits … More Jenny and Shelley.

Hello, Lover: 2012.

Curtains to another year, and a big hello to 2012. Most of you, us, welcomed the new year in while nursing a beverage with 3-65 of our closest friends while we noticed the ball drop on a distant television set. Perhaps you attended some sort of themed party and wore entirely too much eyeliner. Or … More Hello, Lover: 2012.