Trick’s Got Treats.

I have always loved Halloween, mainly because I welcome any excuse to tease the hair and wear some sort of festively creative get-up, typically involving glitter and lash extensions. The candy consumption and staggeringly high number of girls and boys in some sort of lycra bodysuit are enough to scare me into early menopause, but still, I … More Trick’s Got Treats.

Kanye/Kim 2012.

Not to get political with you (again) but election season is HERE.Overachievers have already voted and put a picture of their American flag sticker on Instagram. #nofilterMost all conversations with anyone somehow come around to which character was the least dopey in the last debate, Paul Ryan’s hair and how PBS without Big Bird will … More Kanye/Kim 2012.

weekend debrief.

Grace Potter played two shows at the Ryman and we were in front-row pews for both. The girl loves Nashville almost as much as she loves short dresses and a spiked heel, so put on a show she did. Friday night she covered Crazy on You and then decided to put a Nocturnal spin on … More weekend debrief.

Yep, I was right.

Chris Thile really is a genius. I have always been a fan of his mandolin-based, bluegrass sound, from his solo albums to his latest and greatest with The Punch Brothers. He was the perfect conversationalist when we watched Super Jam at Bonnaroo together, going on and on about his love for the Ryman while randomly … More Yep, I was right.