Is Adele Pregnant?

TEXTS I RECEIVED FROM MY MOTHER WHILE WATCHING THE OSCARS *my mother does not drink (after seeing Ben Affleck) He’s the toast of the town. I like the host. John Travolta scares me.  (on Life of Pi) I don’t think that movie came to Jackson.  They’re all lip synching.  (on Jennifer Hudson) I can’t understand … More Is Adele Pregnant?

Don’t Speak.

Without further adieu, the list of topics I don’t care to discuss with you, especially before noon. Sorry but I’m not sorry.  Red 40 how your thighs look in jeans your baby’s illness and subsequent doctor’s visit that went wrong your secret Pinterest board(s) my Facebook your Facebook your ex with a very biblical name Justin … More Don’t Speak.

Budget B.

Sunday night I got my life together aka hit the gym, did laundry, cooked a meal and made a “budget.” Well, sort of. I’m too ADD/FUN to make one of those daily excel spreadsheet types that I’m sure Dave Frightening Ramsey no doubt endorses. I do, however, like to set goals for my superfluous spending in the … More Budget B.

february love.

So it’s February. The month of LOVE. The month of Beyonce, apparently. Ooh and the Grammys and then the Oscars. The shortest month of the year with the biggest heart. Yep, I went there. Why? Because I love all the cheesy odes to love. I appreciate that Americans buy pounds of the candy hearts that … More february love.