Beyonce Is Now a College Course.

Beyonce-Jay-Z-PDA-Pictures-2014-Grammy-AwardsAfter reading this article from the Associated Press I immediately asked:

1. Why don’t I live anywhere close to New Jersey?

2. Why didn’t I think of that?

A big shout out to Rutgers’ Department of Women’s and Gender Studies for offering a course called “Politicizing Beyonce.” The class consists of watching videos, analyzing lyrics and then reading an occasional piece on black feminism. I mean, basically every class I took in undergrad. But for real…CAN YOU IMAGINE THE ASSIGNMENTS?

What do you think Beyonce was trying to say through her most recent Grammy performance with husband, Jay-Z?

Compare and contrast Beyonce’s earlier work (Bootylicuous, Crazy In Love) to her latest “Visual Album.”

Analyze the following lyric: ” I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker.”

Who is Sasha Fierce?

How will you choose to be your own Beyonce in the coming year?


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My Other Other Boyfriend


In case you missed it, Leo made a “surprise” appearance on SNL where his Wolf of Wall Street bff, Jonah Hill, was hosting. I laughed, I cried and I believe it’s safe to say we were all reminded of the many reasons why Leo is wanted by more than just Scorsese. 


Girl Crush: Jessie Baylin


To hear her is to love her and let me express that I love this woman, I really do. She headlined her first show in two years Friday night here in Nashville (with THE Watson Twins!) and I think it’s safe to say the sold out crowd collectively swooned. Her sound is fresh, very California meets Nashville, the perfect storm of Southern charm with a breezy sound. It should also be noted that her hair is perfection and her style effortless.

Personally, I thank Baylin for her third album that first came to my rescue during the break-up that was my emotional equivalent of the crash of 29. “Little Spark,” full of potent lyrics sang in a seductively distant echo, was just what the doctor ordered to mend my broken heart and serve as a reminder of many things. Watching her up close and personal almost two years later, memories flooded back as she crooned “the way he shifts his eyes, and won’t connect with your’s; that’s when you realize, he’ll never give you more.” It was perfect and couldn’t have come at a better time.

Buy her albums, all of em’, and thank me later. Do I ever steer you in the wrong direction?


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B’s Guide To Business Trip Packing


I know, a super fun topic for us all, right? I understand business trips aren’t vacation nor is packing an enjoyable activity so that is why I’m helping you out. Saving you some time and brain power by showing you the way. Never been on a business trip? I’m sorry. Keeping working hard and I’m sure your boss will trust you with an Amex and representing the company soon enough. Been on too many to count? Congrats! You have enough frequent flier miles and hotel shampoos to supply all of Nashville. For the people somewhere in between, here are my essentials when it comes to jet setting for the job. In no particular order:

Carry-on: Ditch the bulky suitcase and vote unnecessary pieces off the island. Trust, you do not want to be the one waiting for your luggage at carousel 15.

Minimal products: Don’t be scared of the shampoo/conditioner/soap/hair dryer that the hotel provides. Only pack your favorites that are essential to being you, i.e. make-up and always perfume.

Professional pieces: This of course varies depending on what the trip pertains to and what sort of job you hold. Professional often ranges from a pencil skirt to flannel but it always means put together. Dress like you’re the boss even if you’re not the one giving the presentation.

Play clothes: There is nothing worse than having some free time and all you have is a shift dress and heels. Might I suggest dark jeans since those can be dressed up or paired with a t-shirt to run out for coffee in the morning.

Reading material: Preferably something not related to work that serves more of a purpose than just passing the travel time. I’m taking The Gifts of Imperfection on my next trip and can’t wait to start.

Sunglasses: Not only do these protect you from prematurely developing those pesky wrinkles but they are awesome when trying to sleep on the plane.

Drugs: Advil and melatonin. Never travel without them.

A notebook: To write down your thoughts and more importantly, to make note of all the awesomeness that’s happening while you’re away to share with the boss once you’re back.

Also, always talk to strangers – your trip will be all the more interesting. Happy trails!


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Obsessed: Christian Bale


For some of you, when I say Christian Bale you say Batman. For others, you say “Wow, he was so fat in American Hustle.” And for others, who are awesome, you say Newsies. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Go hit up the Disney vault and watch 17-year-old Christian Bale sing and be adorable – don’t even say musicals aren’t your thing.

Maybe you watched the Golden Globes last night. Maybe you saw the highlights come through your Facebook newsfeed like the American that you are. No judgment either way but in case you missed it, Mr. Bale was not there so really the joke was on me. American Hustle and its two leading ladies did win so it was almost like looking at Bale not smile for three hours.

So thank you, CB, for being too cool for a B- awards show and yet again proving that you are obsession-worthy. Please make another movie soon.


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Pre-Approved Winter Activities


I guess you could say winter isn’t my thing. Temperatures below 45? Not my jam. This whole polar vortex thing? Completely unacceptable. While I am praying for warmer weather, I realize it’s only January and therefore we’re looking at winter for a couple more months at least. To keep us all jolly and full of positivity necessary to accomplish those new years goals, I’ve listed some favorite activities to keep us going so look alive!

  1. See a movie. It’s Oscar season and the movies are good. Also, popcorn is always a good decision.
  2. Try a new class at the gym or keep on with an old favorite. Look, there was a substitute teacher at my spin class last night and not only did he resemble a balding, younger Richard Simmons but he attempted to life coach us all for 60 minutes through too many confusing analogies. I wanted to punch him in the face but you know what? I had a great work out and for that I am thankful.
  3. Wear some color. There isn’t much black on black can’t fix but in the drab of winter, sometimes a pop of color is just what the doctor ordered.
  4. Go hear some live music. This is the best time to see a show – indoors – because you’re fine with all the body heat. Jessie Baylin is playing her first show in two years on the 17th and I can hardly wait – get your tickets now, Nashville.
  5. Cook. One of my goals for 2014 is to do more of this – maybe your’s is too? Experiment in the kitchen and add plenty of spices to warm things up. Let Google and various food blogs be your guide.


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Hello, 2014


Curtains to another year, and a big hello to 2014! If I’m being honest, I thought for sure we’d all be traveling in our own hovercrafts by now but the promise of Amazon drones is enough for me. AH, January: the month of promise! Anything is possible and the slate is clean.

Now while I am trucking along on my lofty list of goals to accomplish by age 28, I do have a small list of specific changes to make in the name of a new year! For your own resolution-listing I suggest aiming low. Reach for your shoelaces, not necessarily the stars. For instance, this year I will sleep at least 4 hours every night, talk to people and drink water. All of these achievements are in fact possible. Know what’s probably not possible? Giving up [insert addiction here], deactivating your Facebook account, and becoming an Olympic figure skater all in the next 12 months.

In all seriousness, be an achiever of great things – you can do it! – but make sure they are feasible and not a complete waste of your time and thanks to your resolution-induced 60-minute spin classes, newfound energy.

So go get em’, tiger. Stop planning and scheming and DO something. Take action. Fall in love with everything. Work hard so you can then play harder. Spend time with the people you love most and don’t be scared to let people in. It’s always worth it.

Resolve to be an even better version of yourself in the coming months and have some fun while making it happen.


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