The Art Of Correspondence


I recently got engaged – YAY! – so the crickets for the past few weeks are justified. I’ve been basking in the glow, gabbing with all my girlfriends and trying to keep Mom calm, cool and collected amongst all her lists and charts. The fiance and I are beyond thrilled, and while the diamond and wedding planning is fun, we’re most looking forward to starting our life together.

So with an engagement comes so many kind words and well wishes, many in the form of beautiful stationary with matching envelope. While I love using my iPhone – publicist problems – I’ve always been a huge fan of communicating the old-fashioned way, i.e. correspondence that requires a stamp. Call me crazy, but there’s much to be said for receiving a sweet, handwritten note at just the right time and hey, who doesn’t enjoy checking the mail to find something other than a bill?  I also find something therapeutic about writing notes to friends or co-workers just because, whether it be a note of thanks or something on the silly side simply because the card made you giggle for two minutes too long. BONUS: Writing a note takes you about 2-3 minutes and will more than likely make the recipient’s entire day!

Need some inspiration to get you in the corresponding sort of mood? Here are some of my favorite places to find great stationary for any and every occasion:


The Paper Source 

Scarlet & Gold



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Hey Girl, Your Dreams Just Got Crushed

Well, maybe.

Every news source with a twitter handle is reporting that Eva Mendes is having Ryan Gosling’s child. We all knew this day would come and call me old fashioned, but I thought I would have a wedding to mourn over first. Nope. Just straight to “we’re having a baby who will have the prettiest eyes ever and we’ll all live happily ever after looking gorgeous.” All the single ladies (including Rachel McAdams), don’t lose heart. There are still plenty of eligible bachelors out there to swoon over. Ahem:

Bradley Cooper

Leonardo DiCaprio

Prince Harry


John Stamos

That one guy in Divergent 

Sam Hunt


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Simplify Your Closet, Simplify Your Life

01cb193ee343fedf3da0551933a7cd89Sure, Spring is when the cleaning happens but Summer is definitely when the simplifying should happen. It’s hot out. When you’re not at work you’re outside, vacationing, planning your next vacation or taking up a new sport (ask me about my recently acquired tennis skills!) What you don’t want to be doing is spending forever sorting through all the articles of clothing and shoes and random belts/scarves thrown everywhere in your closet! Honestly this morning I found two shirts I cannot ever remember wearing and one that I am 98% sure hasn’t been worn since college. In an effort to simplify this summer, I am vowing to start by simplifying my closet!

Here are some questions I will ask myself in a stern tone when going through the keep/toss process:

When was the last time I wore this?

Do I feel like it’s flattering? Or so comfortable that I don’t even care if it’s flattering? 

Does this reflect my personal style?

Can I dress this up & down? 

Did I wear this on a major date with THAT Ex? 

Does this make me look like a high school student?

Does this make me look like my grandmother? 

Is this a statement piece that I absolutely cannot imagine parting with? 

Bottom line: If I don’t love it, I’m tossing it, and by tossing it I mean selling it for $2 at a yard sale and/or donating to Goodwill. My goal is to get rid of the excess and simplify – starting with my closet. Who’s with me?


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4th To-Do List


Sleep In – No work means more Z’s

Brunch – Because I clearly won’t be up for breakfast, nor will my friends

Walk around/Shop – Is there anything more American?

Hot Chicken Festival in East Nashville – I’m 100% in it for the promise of Retro Snow

Pool – Yes, I need more freckles

Nap – Why not?

Make a peach cobbler – Because I’m not a huge apple pie fan and this is always a crowd pleaser

Fireworks – I may or may not start singing a medley of Katy Perry and Lee Greenwood classics with sparklers in hand

What are your plans for the 4th? Whatever you choose to do be safe, have fun and in the words of my mother, make good choices. ‘MERICA.


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