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1. Gear up for the return of college football by meeting the wives of SEC coaches. (

2. Transition into fall with boyfriend jeans and a bright lip. (

3. Glean that bridal knowledge and learn from the 50 mistakes brides always make. (

4. I’m on a spending freeze but maybe you aren’t and want to splurge on these beauty essentials. (

5. Start practicing all-day habits for a better night’s sleep. (

6. I dare you to read through the 8 Life-Changing Lessons We’ve Learned From Dogs and not tear up smile. (

7. I hate that I love the new Taylor Swift song. (


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10 Ways To Soak Up These Last Days Of Summer


August is coming to a close – can you believe it? – and while it doesn’t feel like it right now, Fall is almost here. (YAY!) So in an attempt to be present and appreciate the here and now, I’ve thought about some ways to enjoy these last days of summer before we bid the heat farewell. Who’s in?

  1. Grab a magazine and an extra large ice water and head to the pool for one last hurrah! SPF required.
  2. Wear your favorite sundress and strappy sandals to run errands or for date night!
  3. Grab some peaches and make this. (NOM) 
  4. Wear white from head to toe because hey! you still can.
  5. Get your HGTV on and DIY something, whether that’s giving your kitchen a fresh coat of paint or giving your doormat a facelift that all your guests will ooh and ahh over.
  6. Go to a late movie and don’t feel bad one bit for eating too many sour punch straws and popcorn.
  7. Take full advantage of your hammock and relax for a while underneath the stars.
  8. Have a porch? Grab some sweet tea and good friends and sit for a while.
  9. Work on your fitness outdoors. Tennis, running, or touch football anyone?
  10. Popsicles at the park. If you’re in Nashville, might I suggest here.


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The Weeknight Date Night


You know those Mondays that feel about two weeks long and leave you exhausted/frustrated/emotionally done at the end of the day? Yep, I had one of those this week so you can imagine my excitement when the fiance suggested we go out for dinner and a movie last night. I love a good weeknight date night because not only does it make you feel like it’s Friday (!!!) but it gives you a chance to break up the work week with some fun time.

We went for some Chinese – his favorite – and then to see the new Oprah movie – my choice, naturally. We laughed all through dinner and then got plenty of candy for the movie. We were both pleasantly surprised by how sweet the movie was – I highly recommend it! – and fear not, Oprah does not make a cameo. It was the perfect way to spend a Tuesday night and I woke up this morning feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated for the rest of my work week.

Ladies and gentleman, might I suggest an impromptu date on a school night? Ladies, throw on a little lip color and some fun shoes. Gentlemen, let her pick the movie and you might find yourself enjoying it, too! The most important thing is spending time with the one you love. Take your mind off all the other stuff you’ve both got going on and focus on each other. Chinese and chick flick optional.

What’s your favorite weeknight date spot? Let’s hear ’em.


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Mom and Me and the Wedding Dress


Last weekend Mom and I headed to Arkansas to find the perfect wedding dress. Why Arkansas? That was my initial question, too, but another bride had told us this was “THE place” located in the middle of nowhere. Mom and I had no idea what to expect when we drove up to Low’s Bridal last Saturday morning – this was a first for both of us – so we were anxious but mostly excited as the massive gates, yes GATES, opened. Remember that episode of Friends where the girls go shopping for Monica’s dress and 50+ aggressive brides run though the doors as soon as they’re open? It was kind of like that, but much more civilized and passive, of course. It is a nice place, after all. Gorgeous and perfectly Southern. Low’s is located in an old train station and I loved that we got a small history lesson as we walked to a new floor or room.

After I filled out some paperwork about my wedding date and preferred styles, we were greeted by our consultant who then whisked us away to the next floor up. Talk about dresses on dresses! Mom was in heaven and I was in a dreamy state of “ummm” while she pulled a couple dresses for me to start with. We moved from dress to dress and floor to floor and finally we narrowed the search down to two dresses, completely different in every way. I was torn.

“Want to try a veil?” Our consultant asked, adding that this final touch is typically the tipping point for most brides who are indecisive. She added the veil to my high ponytail and I stepped onto the block surrounded by mirrors and the next thing I knew Mom was crying. That was the dress, and oddly enough, the second wedding dress I had ever tried on! It was such a surreal moment, standing there in white and seeing Mom’s face light up. I attempted a happy dance, much to the amusement of other brides and consultants scurrying around with armfuls of lace and tulle, then offered Mom a tissue.

As we walked to the car, dress bag safely in tow, we were all smiles. It was such a perfect morning spent with Mom – laughing, gauging the “wow” factor of each dress, taking pictures on the grand staircase, and wedding scheming. A morning I’ll never forget.


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