Happy Classyween


There are few things I love more than a crisp, October night spent snacking and passing out candy to all the adorable (and some slightly scary) trick or treaters, so YES, I am excited about tonight! Luckily our neighbors do Halloween big, shutting down the street for a few hours so all the little ghouls and goblins and princesses are able to trick or treat freely. My fiancé and I plan on putting on Hocus Pocus, passing out candy, and dining on assorted goodness in the form of a charcuterie plate. He has titled this year’s festivities Classyween and I could not be more excited! I love a good cheese and cracker, so naturally I adore a plate full of cheese plus fruit, nuts, homemade popcorn, prosciutto and whatever else looks appetizing. Also, it’s perfect for a night in passing out candy! I’m looking here, here and here for ideas as I craft my charcuterie plate and hoping it will be a big hit…and there’s always candy to look forward to for dessert!

How do you plan on getting in the Halloween spirit tonight? Dressing up? Going out? Staying in? Scary movie or sticking with Charlie Brown?

Happy Halloween, lovelies!


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Links I’m Loving

LC 21. How adorable is Lauren Conrad’s (homemade) halloween costume? Makes me want to be a mermaid now! (laurenconrad.com)

2. Harry Potter rapping is proof that magic does exist. (huffingtonpost.com)

3. Ladies, it’s high time we start supporting each other at work, okay? (hellogiggles.com)

4. There’s plenty of inspiration in this list of best celebrity Halloween costumes. (glamour.com)

5. “You don’t have to be a perfect person to do something great for somebody else. It’s not just for the saints of the world. We can all do something.” – Well said, Reese. Read the full interview here. (relevant.com)

6. The best and worst Halloween candy to pass out to your trick or treaters Friday night. (et.com)

7. I know it’s too soon but I am already beyond excited to make these this holiday season. (honestlyyum.com)


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How to Multitask Like a Champ

338beff589a4b65acd1e8325f4c195d8Earlier this year Forbes famously put us all in our place by declaring: “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.” Mmmk I guess that’s technically true but I don’t exactly have a hair/make-up team, personal chef or paychecks with more dollar signs that I’ll likely ever see. Sure, we both have 24 hours each day to get it all done and then find a way to get at least 6.5 hours of sleep, but despite all effort sometimes it is HARD to find time long enough to sit down.

So here’s the beauty of multitasking: when done correctly the process allows one to get two things done at once, leaving more time for extra stuff like spending time with your friend/fiance/slice of cheesecake. Want to multitask like a champ? Here are some ways:

Make a list

I’m a list person so not only is this natural but my lifeline on the daily. Not a list person? Try it for a week and see if you don’t feel calmer and more organized. Start each morning – after a cup of coffee, preferably – by making a list of items that must get done and check each one off as you complete it! Just be careful not to overload the list, which will just make you frustrated and angry at the list entirely. The list is your friend.

Set reasonable goals

It’s wonderful to be ambitious but it’s even more wonderful to stay…sane. Know your limits and don’t push yourself past them, aka no staying up until 3 am working on that school project or answering emails from your boss.

Take breaks

Multitasking is really mircotasking which is getting several small tasks done in a short period of time – efficiency at its finest. Between all these spurts of productivity give yourself a break! Step away from the computer screen and go take a walk outside. Or text a friend. Or turn on some embarrassing pop song and have a small dance party. Anything to give your brain a break and re-energize you to tackle the rest of your day!

Learn to say “no”

As much as we all try, we can’t be everywhere with everyone and do everything. It’s impossible. Get comfortable saying no when you need to or when you just need some down time. There will always be an event/concert/party/meeting/yoga class going on so don’t fret if you need to decline from time to time. You do you!

Keep Perspective

As my mother has said ever since I can remember, “Will this matter 1,2,10 years from now?” Keep your priorities in order and don’t stress over the small stuff. The sooner we can all practice gratitude for the incredible people and opportunities God has given us the happier we will be!


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Six (and then some) Things: Bachelorette Edition

7This past weekend my best girlfriends surprised me with a Bachelorette lakeside getaway to celebrate before wedding and moving craziness kicks into full gear. The weekend also came with its own theme and corresponding hashtag – Katie’s Last Sail Before the Veil – which the PR girl in me loved! While I’ll spare you the details, I will tell you we had a lot of fun just being together and laughing at basically everything, all while watching classic wedding-themed rom-coms and taking a million pictures, of course. These girls are the best of the best and I am beyond thankful for their friendship. Have a great week!

photo (42)[ Goodie bags to start the weekend off right ]




9[ A little Bacheloretting, a little SEC football watching ]

photo 23[ MOHs and Professional Party Planners ]

4[ BK forever ]

photo 1   [ Throwback to the cheer days ]


10[ 4 girls + 1 boy “jumping” ]


photo 3[ We got crafty with wedding day-themed pizzas…then ate every bite ]

photo 2[ Ash schooled us all in the gumball challenge ]

photo (43)


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Links I’m Loving

09ccaa085e136e699eee13bc9fc3b7e11. Current Events: Anna Wintour remembers Oscar. (vogue.com)

2. I will definitely be trying out one (or two) of these designs on my pumpkin next week. (glitterguide.com)

3. Would you spend a week in a KFC after being dumped? This girl did, bless her heart. (newyorkpost.com)

4. Who wants to print off some Intsagram photos? (printstagr.am)

5. Smart people don’t listen to Beyonce or Kelly Clarkson, according to this study. (consequenceofsound.com)

6. It’s time to leave women’s faces alone, don’t you agree? (hellogiggles.com)

7. There’s a rare solar eclipse happening today…if you’re into that sort of thing. (time.com)


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10 Conversation Starters That Have Nothing To Do With the Big E


I am so over all the ebola hysteria. Everyone, from medical professionals to Matt Lauer is harping on the subject and while I know the topic should be taken seriously, the general public needs to find something else to talk about. Please. ANYTHING! For those of you drawing a blank, I compiled a working list of acceptable topics to get the conversation started:

Aren’t dogs just the best?

Halloween costume ideas and how funny-scary always wins.

How Hocus Pocus is surprisingly just as entertaining as an adult as you remember it being as a kid.

Did you know peanut m&m’s are better for you than skittles? Learn more here.

The importance of getting a flu shot – not to be my mother, but…

KC Royals are headed to the World Series for the first time since 1985! Get educated here.

How adorable pregnant Blake Lively is right now.

Friends is coming to Netflix, finally.

Did you know all of this happens when you drink a soda? Yuck.

Only 9 weeks until Christmas…!!!


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Links I’m Loving


1. Grown-up versions of childhood snacking favorites? Yes, please. (glitterguide.com)

2. Our favorite superhero actors, then and now – you may be shocked. (time.com)

3. I will most definitely be making some of this deliciousness for Halloween next week – can you believe that’s NEXT WEEK? (lodown.com)

4. Ever wonder what’s the worst candy to give out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween? Here’s a list in ranking order! (hellogiggles.com)

5. With the wedding roughly two months away, I’m thinking hairstyles. Here are some of the best, from Jackie O to Gisele. (vogue.com)

6. A few thoughts on navigating life’s calamities with Southern poise. (gardenandgun.com)

7. Five things that aren’t worth arguing over, in no particular order. (relevant.com)


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