My Favorite Christmas Cookies

 2014-12-10 09.12.18

I do not claim to be a cook – just ask my fiancé about a recent Pinterest fail involving copycat Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets – BUT I do feel confident in my baking abilities so naturally I look forward to Christmas baking all year long! While wedding planning has taken over most of my time – 10 days! – I made time Sunday afternoon to crank up the Bing Crosby and make our family’s favorite Christmas cookies: Tea Cakes.

The recipe comes from an old JCS cookbook that my mom has used since I was little, and we’ve been making these tea cakes ever since with our vast collection of holiday cookie cutters. They’re amazing as is or iced with a simple icing (powdered sugar, vanilla, milk), and while I kept this batch chic with a layer of white icing and pearl green sugar sprinkles, feel free to get your creative on when it comes to decorating your candy canes and Christmas trees!

Happy Holiday Baking!

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Six Things: Thanksgiving Edition

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[ Festive storefront while shopping in Old Town Spring ]

Happy Monday and I hope you’re all recovering nicely from your Thanksgiving food comas. My Thanksgiving holiday was spent in Houston with my future mother-in-law and co, which was made all the more fun when my brother decided to come along with us for the week! Driving 12 hours through the night wasn’t super but thanks to caffeine and plenty of bad pop music we made it there and back without any speeding tickets or major fights. Since everything is bigger in Texas, we had to pack in all the good stuff into five days, including all the homemade amazingness cooked daily by my future mother-in-law. Not ideal for my pre-wedding “diet plan” but so worth it! My favorite moment of the week was when we paused during our Thanksgiving meal to go around the table and share what we’re the most thankful for this year- it was perfect.


[ Getting our golf on and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather at TopGolf]


[ These two weren’t too interested in shopping ]


[ Mom went to school with Tay’s mom at the ole’ FHU so of course we pulled out the annual ]

2014-12-01 08.23.40

[ Festival of the Lights at Moody Gardens got us all into the holiday spirit ]

2014-12-01 08.36.55

[ The first of many Thanksgivings with this handsome guy ]

Well it’s December 1st which means roughly 24 days until Christmas and 19 days until our WEDDING! It’s hard to believe it’s almost here but I know the Christmas tunes and my wonderful fiancé will keep me jolly during the inevitable mad dash of last minute wedding planning. Have a great week and Merry Christmas!


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