Links I’m Loving

1. Tis the season for moving the party outside! Here are five tips for entertaining outdoors. ( 2. 14 Things All Southern Women Know To Be True. ( 3. Find Out What Your Name Would Be If You Were Born Today. I’d be Allison. ( 4. Looking for an easy summer meal with minimal prep? … More Links I’m Loving

Links I’m Loving

1. The science of why you should spend your money on experiences, not things. ( 2. Secrets from the royal kitchen, including the fact that Princess Kate cooks – could I adore her anymore? ( 3. Gorgeous watercolor cookies sure to wow any crowd. ( 4. Adorable photos of babies swimming underwater, just because it … More Links I’m Loving

Seven Things

[ perfect candles for Dad ] This past week was all about celebrating the ones I love – from birthdays to Mother’s Day to a new job! It was so much fun to spend time laughing and telling fun stories with Mom and Dad all weekend – especially Dad’s breakfast brunch with my brother there, … More Seven Things

Mom, Thank You

When I was in high school I found a drawer of old pictures in my parents’ formal living room and in that drawer was a box full of pictures from my mom’s high school years. I looked through every one – Mom and her prom date, Mom as a cheerleader at the top of the … More Mom, Thank You

Links I’m Loving

1. Beauty advice for my daughter. ( 2. Pretty presents for mom, just in time for Mother’s Day. ( 3. 20 things nobody tells you when you graduate college. ( 4. Finally, some cards that say what your friend with cancer really wants to hear. ( 5. Check out the most Googled baby names in … More Links I’m Loving

Shameless Plug: Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These little babies have quickly become a favorite in our house ever since I found the recipe. I’ve altered it some – opting for sugar in the raw and adding in just under half a cup – but these cookies are perfect any way you want to make them. I like to use Jif Naturals peanut … More Shameless Plug: Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies