The Newlywed Life: Comfort & Joy


Last week I had one of those terrible couple of days that were almost comical based on how many things went south. I was feeling resentful, exhausted, and just over it – I wanted to (at least mentally) crawl under the covers for the rest of the week.

I spilled everything to my husband who is by far one of the greatest, and most patient listeners I have ever know. He listened as I explained every detail through bouts of crocodile tears and when I had said everything (twice, I’m afraid) he said “I love you.” While he began to offer up additional words of encouragement I felt everything shift – I realized I was far too focused on myself. I quickly realized I was throwing a pity party for myself and my husband was nicely trying to bring me back to what is most important. I wasn’t quite ready to forgive myself for the little mistakes I had made, but I knew I needed to kick the negative by bringing in something positive.

I pulled it together and made Taylor dinner with chocolate chip cookies for dessert (just because). We ate our cookies while watching a movie and soon I was laughing the night away. I took the focus off myself and poured all my energies into showing my husband love, and it made me completely forget about everything I had been so upset about hours earlier. It was a nice reminder that focusing on love is the quickest way to get rid of negativity and leave only pure joy. xo

Ten Things


[ So much excitement over the new floors]

This past week was a little nutty, with both of us busy at work and the floors being installed at the house so we were more than ready for the weekend! Our weekend was busy but full of fun, just as it should be. Friday night Taylor opened the ceremonies at the local Relay For Life event which was special to both of us for so many reasons, and afterwards we went on a date to the local drive-in and saw Jurassic World. Have you seen it? We loved how the movie gave plenty of throwbacks to Jurassic Park, which we both grew up loving, and we felt like we were back in a simpler time as we shared a popcorn and Coke at the drive-in. Buddy and I enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning while Taylor golfed, then we all did a little shopping before having dinner + game night with friends! We rounded off the weekend yesterday with a “meet and greet” held for us at church which was a great time to eat too many sweets and get to know people in the community.

I’m really excited about this coming weekend because Taylor’s mom and younger brother are coming from Houston to visit – YAY! – so you better believe I have Taylor working on a honey-do-list that is growing by the minute. Have a great week! xo


[ Gorgeous and straight from a local farm ]


[ Lovely housewarming gift from one of my favorite ladies and new mom]


[ We get pretty competitive when it comes to corn hole ]


[ Date night with my love ]

20150618_101126[ Proud wife ]


[ Name tags + a cute baby named Katie made for a fun afternoon ]


[ Buddy is easily the most popular family member ]


[ My handsome guys ]

[ One of my favorite shots of Dad from our wedding, taken shortly after we drove away, in honor of Father’s Day ]


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Shameless Plug: LaCroix (LA-CROY)


It’s no secret summer has arrived in the South. It’s hot by 8AM and you can’t stand in the direct sunlight for longer than a couple of minutes without needing a pitcher of water and a cold shower. Sometimes, however, I feel like a glass of water just doesn’t cut it. I need a little more POP, if you will. Coca Cola was once my go-to for lunch/dinner/snack time – anytime, really. It got a little out of control and I realized I didn’t need the added sugar or caffeine but oh how I missed it. So much. Until I discovered the goodness that is sparkling water a la LaCroix. Yes, it sounds a tad pretentious but it’s simply carbonated water that tastes amazing without all the extra junk. That’s right! No calories, no sweeteners, no sodium. The yummy flavors are all-natural and so good – passionfruit is my new favorite. My husband used to laugh at how much I drank on a weekly basis until he tried one, then another, and another – now he’s hooked!

Wondering how it’s pronounced? LA-CROY and yes, it rhymes with enjoy. Also interesting, the origin of the name LaCroix, contrary to what many people think, is not French. LaCroix is originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin – the name is a cross between the town La Crosse and the river that flows through it, named the St. Croix River.

So whether you’re trying to quit soda or just want a fresh way to get your 8+ glasses of H2O in each day, go grab a couple of cases and let me know what you think! xo

Ten Things


[ Gorgeous flowers from a sweet friend ]

Week three in our new house and slowly but surely we’re getting settled in and making it our HOME. With the help of some wonderful men from church, the old carpet was removed last week and tomorrow new flooring will be installed and we can start to put each room together. To say I’m excited is an understatement! My parents spent part of last week here with us and gave our kitchen a makeover – we’re talking walls, cabinets, everything! It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do and we love our kitchen. We joke that my parents need their own HGTV show and I am convinced now more than ever that it would be a hit! Taylor and I also became real adults on Saturday when we bought a couch – it’s hilarious that decision felt like a bigger deal than picking out wedding bands but we bit the bullet and are so looking forward to next week when it’s delivered right to our living room. The rest of our week was spent running to and from church events, trying out the local Mexican place (of course), and hitting some golf balls with new friends. Here’s to a fabulous, productive and FUN week! xo


[ “Waiting on a woman” ]


[ My dad the professional painter ]


[ They’re just the BEST ]


[ A little kitchen remodel sneak peek – more coming soon! ]


[ Neither one of us enjoyed the visit to the vet for Buddy’s ear ache ]


[ We chose against the lamp ]


[ Sunday Funday ]


[ My sweet ]


[ Pensive Buddy in the midst of our remodel ]

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Ten Things


[ One happy family ]

In case you missed it, we made the move back to Tennessee (YAY!) last week and Taylor started his new preaching gig officially last Wednesday night. If you’ve moved before you know how emotionally and physically exhausting the whole process is, thus my radio silence this past week. Despite all the moving craziness we’ve loved every minute of this transition thanks to our family, friends and new church family who have been beyond supportive and welcoming! When we arrived at our new house a week ago we were met by a slew of wonderful people from the church who came and unloaded every single box with us. There were welcome signs and notes all over the house, even in the stove and shower! How neat is that? See kids, it’s easy to spread joy – all you need is some paper and creativity! Our first meal in our new home was apples and peanut butter with a side of gouda and crackers thanks to a care package brought to us earlier that day. We’re settling in now aka panting and organizing but not unpacking too much because we’re thrilled to get new flooring installed next week – don’t tell Buddy, he thinks the 60’s shag carpet is just for him. 🙂 Taylor and I feel like we’re on Fixer Upper without Chip and Joanna but loving every minute of it. Have a great week! xo


[ If only he could have found a bigger u-haul ]


[ Slightly obsessed with our new deck ]


[ Most thoughtful cards in the master closet ]


[ HGTV dream team ]


[ Before picture of the carpet/Another day in the life of Buddy ]


[ Taylor transforming his office with a nice slate gray ]

IMG_1926[ Summer essentials ]


[ So long, wallpaper ]


[ So proud of my husband and loving this goodie basket we were given on our first Sunday ]