Fave Five

[ Lunch at Torchy’s with Emma Grace ] We were in Houston all week visiting Taylor’s family and more specifically, hanging out with our newest niece, Emma Grace. Little Emma is oh so sweet and loves morning cuddles, pointing her finger while saying “no no” and eating copious amounts of ice. The week was filled to … More Fave Five

Real Talk: No More Single vs. Married (Please)

We’ve all seen them. The articles that poke fun at married women who are labeled as “sublimely unhappy” and “overcompensating” if posting too many pictures of one’s spouse – The Most Annoying Things Married People Do On Facebook – and even more annoying, those that pit single ladies against the married starting in the very title – … More Real Talk: No More Single vs. Married (Please)

Fave Five

[ The most gorgeous Friday morning view ] This week has been pretty busy so I’m beyond thankful for this lazy Saturday. Our only plans include a round of golf for Taylor and an afternoon manicure for me. It’s so nice to have a morning to drink coffee and stay in our pj’s when usually we’re running … More Fave Five

Links I’m Loving

8 things people decide within seconds of meeting you. (businessinsider.com) Easy and delicious pie dough – video included to make this super easy. You’ll never buy dough from the store again! (cupcakesandcashmere.com) The beauty philosophies of French women worth paying attention to. (style.com) Top misconceptions about Christians. (projectinspired.com) How to email someone you’ve never met so … More Links I’m Loving

Back To School

How is it already August? I don’t know if it’s the serious heat or the fact that our summer has been jam-packed but it doesn’t feel possible that everyone is going back to school this week! There’s something magical about this time of year, when we lazily say goodbye to summer and hello to the … More Back To School