Halloween Weekend To-Do’s


Whether you’re planning on spending the entire weekend cozy at home or hopping from party to your local trunk or treat, this weekend is sure to be filled with all the best Halloween goodness. Does the idea of dressing up and venturing out sounds scarier than the last horror movie you saw? Are you looking forward to starting new spooky traditions with your kiddos? There are so many aspects of Halloween weekend I look forward to each year – for my fellow Halloween junkies, check out some October 31st weekend to-do’s I highly recommend working into your haunted plans: 

Make a killer cheese plate

This is a little tradition Taylor and I started last Halloween when we were engaged. We picked all the best cheeses and crackers and fruits and some fruits we weren’t even sure how to eat, put it all on a pretty platter and feasted while we passed out candy to trick or treaters. I look forward to doing this again this year!

Have a movie marathon

Invite some friends over and bust out Hocus Pocus and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Hello, nostalgia! Turn off all the lights and watch the classics by candlelight.

Carve pumpkins

Even after 29 years I absolutely love everything about carving pumpkins and my favorite part, roasting the seeds after! Bonus points if you don’t get pumpkin guts all over you!

Host a costume party

We are super excited to have some couples over for an old fashioned costume party, complete with a grand prize for best costume. I cannot stress this enough: you don’t need a big house or Martha Stewart-level hostess skills to host a great party! Invite friends, get a great costume, make great food to munch on, add some spooky touches to the house and ENJOY!

Check out the local haunts

We’re excited to check out Halloween on the Square/Parade here in our town which is exactly our speed because I’ve never been able to work up the courage to get into a haunted house. Love to be scared? Grab a friend and brave the local haunted house – may you have more treats than tricks! xo

13 Clever & Fabulous Halloween Costume Ideas It’s Not Too Late To Steal

Panicking that you haven’t picked your Halloween costume yet? Relax, you’ve come to the right place. (Well technically I don’t do scary so if you’re looking for that, then maybe this isn’t the right place.) Whether you’re looking for something funny, a couples/group-costume, ideas for dressing up your tiny tot or something downright scary, I’ve got you covered. I did what I do best – Googled A LOT – and found some of the best costume ideas you can totally pull off. So grab your PSL and fun-sized Twix bar and take some notes:

BridesmaidsThe ladies from Bridesmaids


The strawberry and the shark (HOW CUTE?!)


College Rachel and Monica from Friends 


Sophia from The Golden Girls 

14176bebc32fc31950b14e7ee496309bMary Poppins

Sexy-GhostsSexy ghosts



The Brawny man


Paula Deen and her bff


50 Shades of Gray

Starbucks Frappuccino

Johnny and June

The Donald

Fave Five


[ Fall perfection ]

Is it just me or did this past week FLY by? In between work and church and Taylor’s classes we found time to a of all) get outdoors to take in all the gorgeous colors of the season and b of all) scare ourselves with an old 90’s classic, Scream. ( I had forgotten how dumb it was but somehow we still managed to get a little spooked, shock!) One of the best moments was when Buddy’s Halloween costume finally came in and of course we had to try it on and take about 27 pictures. I already feel bad for our child when Lord willing we become parents one day. Anyways, today we’re enjoying this rainy Sunday afternoon by watching some silly Halloween movies and planning all the spooky details of the costume party we’re hosting Friday night. I can’t wait to reveal what I’ve talked Taylor into us dressing up as…tis’ the season, yes? Have a great week! xo


[ Lunch break with Taylor & the best panini ]


[ Always a good decision to move the devo & dessert to the back deck ]


[ His and Her’s ]


[ Buddy in his element ]

Links I’m Loving


  1. If I wasn’t terrified of all haunted houses I would definitely visit one of these. (glamour.com)
  2. Check out this super cool map of the most googled costumes per state. (relevantmagazine.com)
  3. How to make your last name plural this Christmas season. (slate.com)
  4. 7 Things no grieving person wants to hear – and what to say instead. (oprah.com)
  5. I love this about open gates and chickens by my girl, Jen Hatmaker. (jenhatmaker.com)
  6. You’re definitely going to want to make note of these cleaning tricks. (alldaychic.com)
  7. The story of the rise, and rise, and rise of America’s queen of cookbooks – spoiler alert: I LOVE her. (eater.com)

Fave Five


[ Things are getting spooky around here ]

Happy Friday! This week I’ve made some serious headway on conquering my fear of “fancy” recipes thanks to Ina Garten and Jen Hatmaker (see also For the Love). Taylor hung the most gorgeous string lights on our back deck earlier this week and we’ve been enjoying dining al a fresco on these cooler nights. This weekend we’re planning on dinner and a movie with my parents and then a good ole’ fashioned hayride Saturday night. We’re in charge of bringing graham crackers and Hershey’s for s’mores and I’m ready to dig in to one…or three. Have a great weekend! xo


[ Popcorn problems ]


[ Proud wife ]


[ Easily my favorite part of our growing gallery wall #bridesmaids ]


[ Honeymoon phase and holding ]

Easy Ways to Deck Your Halls for Fall

It’s no secret I love this time of year so of course I love bringing some of the seasonal goodness indoors. Sorry, loyal Pinterest followers but let me go ahead and admit I love to browse the site but usually am left feeling 100% overwhelmed and under qualified to attempt most of the DIY decorating projects re: the grandiose porch display or centerpiece made entirely from pumpkin seeds. I have a full time job, a husband, a very energetic puppy and an obsession with trying new recipes and Parenthood – there’s no time for extravagant decor and really, no need. More isn’t always more and I prefer to keep it simple while throwing in as many pumpkins as I can find Taylor will allow. Case in point:


Jumbo (and Buddy-sized) pumpkins courtesy of the local Farmers Market + I added two Raven-esque birds to our existing topiaries


Oh how I love this gold and white pumpkin from Mom we added to our entryway


I found this spooky candelabra from an antique store here in town and paired that with a jar filled with candy corn + sea salt peanuts


Mini pumpkins + giant glitter pumpkin complete our living room

Ladies, 16 Things You Never Have To Apologize For


Having an opinion

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a strong opinion and voicing that in a real way. Don’t be scared to share what you think and remember, your opinion matters.

Being ambitious

Ambition is attractive and breeds productivity/creativity/good stuff in general. Own what drives you and next thing you know you’ll be inspiring ladies everywhere to chase their dream(s).

Being successful

We can have a career we love, a strong, loving family, a great circle of friends and a solid wardrobe. When you work hard and are blessed with success be thankful.

Having a messy house

Your home is not a museum and well, real people live there.


Oscar Wilde once said “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Can I get an amen?

Not looking “put together”

No one expects you to look like Beyonce to make a Publix run for milk or to wear your best stilettos to pick up the kids from school – and even if they did, that would make them the problem, not you. Wear those yoga pants with pride!

Your life choices 

Happily single? Happily married? Want kids earlier than your peer group deems acceptable? Want to get married right this second? Don’t want to get married maybe ever? Chased your dream job or job and just now thinking about settling down? You do you. We’re all different and that’s what makes life so interesting.

Having emotions – and showing them

You shouldn’t apologize for getting “overly-emotional” — especially when your emotions are totally appropriate for the situation and well, sometimes you just have to feel all the feelings.

Crying during a Legos commercial

Sorry I’m not sorry but have you seen this?

Asking questions

Would anyone be better off if you don’t ask a question, and simply guessed about how you’re supposed to install that car seat/make your own pumpkin spice latte/create that very important client report?

Putting back the organic granola and buying double-stuffed Oreos

It happens.

Being a real mom

My mom fed me french fries and let me run around the front yard without shoes and eat cupcakes made with real sugar and you know what? I turned out just fine and with zero food allergies. Moms, never apologize for whatever decisions – big or small – you make. You’re an inspiration to this (Lord willing one day) future mom!

Standing up for your beliefs and your people

Have a passionate belief that conflicts with someone else’s? The horror! But really: opinions and beliefs are awesome, and you don’t need to defend yourself just for having one (or having one that conflicts with someone else’s). Also, always stand up for your people. Always.

Asking for help

No shame.

Taking time for yourself

Taking time for yourself helps you be a better, more relaxed, non-insane human being and is a necessity from time to time.

Being yourself

You are incredible, and haters are gonna hate. So shine on, girl. Shine on.