Monthly Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

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This past month has flown by! We started registering for baby gifts and quickly realized we have no idea what we’re doing but we’re having fun! Yesterday I had my glucose test and then we heard sweet baby’s heartbeat (amazing) after our doctor (who I love) measured my tummy. It’s incredible how much she’s grown in the past month and now there’s definitely no more wondering if I’m pregnant or not with this bump! xo

Baby’s size: A cantalope

I’m feeling: Energized and just in awe that God chose us to care for this sweet soul. I’ve been pretty emotional lately but that’s to be expected I suppose. Oh and I purchased a Boppy (that Taylor claimed he needed an engineering degree to put together) and am sleeping like a champ again!

Foods I could eat forever: Steak, strawberries and anything chocolate.

Foods I cannot imagine eating: Anything spicy.

Currently wearing: Sundresses – steering clear of pants if I can help it.

Pros of May: Feeling more kicks and punches from Baby Annie that Taylor can feel too.

Cons of May: The occasional leg cramp and hot flash.

Looking forward to: A relaxing vacation with my family next week and getting more work done on the new house.

Favorite scripture at the moment: “Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.” [ Psalm 119:37 ]

Friday Faves


[ the sweetest gift for Baby Annie from a dear friend ]

The sun is shining and it’s going to be a beautiful weekend! If you’re lucky enough to be able to spend some time with your Mom this weekend love on her and hold her tight! Have a good one, lovelies. xo


[ progress at the new house ]


[ 23 weeks and it’s getting real ]


[ playtime with these loves ]


[ ladies who lunch ]


[ I love her lots and lots ]


[ always so much fun with this girl ]

All the Things My Mom Got Right

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I love my mother dearly, this is true, but of course there were those super fun teenage years where I didn’t always like her so much. She didn’t know anything. She used to say to me all the time,”I hope I live to see you with your own daughter.” That is exactly why I felt a itty bitty flicker of panic when it finally set in I’ll have a daughter of my own soon. Now yes, I was young and eventually grew up enough to realize my mom does know everything. She always has. She’s the most important woman in my life. I love her and I like her and I’m so thankful to have her in my life in such a major way. As I think about how I’ll have my own baby girl come September my mind wanders to all the ways Mom got it right. From the big moments to the smallest gestures she shaped me into me through just being her, and I want to be that shining light to Annie. I want to get it right. I could list far more but here are my top fifteen:

She was my stage mom with a level head

She taught me how to love the Lord above all else

She didn’t allow me to pierce my ears until age 12 (and then walked around the mall with me for a solid 20 minutes since I was so nervous I almost threw up)

She let me be myself

She showed me what a loving wife looks like

She taught me you’re never full dressed without mascara and a little lip color

She let me cry it out when I needed to and pushed me to get over it when I needed to

She laughed a lot and taught us to not take ourselves too seriously

She picked her battles and didn’t disown me after I ruined her antique coffee table with nail polish remover

She never allowed me to disrespect her

She never missed a practice, game, school presentation, show or event

She showed me how to be a real preacher’s wife

She never allowed me to quit anything

She spoke the truth even when it hurt

She sacrificed for me and loved me unconditionally

3 Work Rules I Live By


I always like reading about other people’s work rules they live by – those little tricks they implement that help them make the most of each week. I’ve always considered myself a productive person but over the past few years working as a publicist, then getting married and adding to that my work-from-home status, I’ve really honed in on what makes me work smarter. Here are the three main work rules I always follow that make the biggest impact.

Keep a detailed to-do list. As I’ve mentioned before, keeping a list of my to-dos for the day is crucial to my being able to function. In the PR world it’s not unusual to be juggling four or five campaigns and various side projects at once so keeping track of what I need to get done each day is a must. Often times I’ll prioritize the top 2-3 most important things, that way it helps me focus on the big stuff when I have the most energy (mornings) instead of waiting until the end of the day to scramble to get it done.

Assume the best. Whether it’s a seemingly snappy response from a media contact or a co-worker, I always try to assume the best before getting upset over nothing. In my first couple “real” jobs after college I would get so bent out of shape over what I perceived as the tone of an email or what someone didn’t communicate to me like I thought they should have. 9 times out of 10 there was absolutely nothing to be upset over and most of the time it was just the other person, or me, having an off day. I have since learned to always assume the best before jumping to conclusions and getting alarmed or upset.

Go the extra mile. This is a rule ingrained in me from childhood by my parents and it makes all the difference in my life, both personally and professionally. Yes, I was hired to do a certain job but who wants a colleague who does just enough to get by? No one. I am so thankful to work with such a talented group of smart women who place teamwork of the highest importance so it’s a joy to jump in and help until the job is done.