10 lessons Dad has taught me (so far)

There is something very special about a girl and her Dad. My Mom is my role model and best friend but Dad? He’s my hero and always has been my constant. My rock. It’s fun to think back on how our relationship has grown and evolved, from Dad battling his fear of flying to take me on my first mission trip to Panama in high school to him saying the prayer before Annie safely arrived in the delivery room.

One of my first and funniest memories of us was when Mom sent us both out for the evening while she hosted a shower of some sort at the house. I was five years old and Beauty and the Beast was playing in theaters so OF COURSE, Dad decided we would go, much to my excitement. He let me get all the candy I wanted (!!!) and allowed me to choose where we would sit (FRONT ROW!). All was right with the world until the movie was over and suddenly all the candy and up-close-and-personal-to-the-animation made me feel not so good. I had to go to the bathroom fast. Dad slightly panicked but he had no choice other than to take me to the men’s restroom and stand outside the door. I distinctly remember screaming from the bathroom to Dad, just outside, “I want my Mommy!” and he replied “I do too!” Lesson learned at an early age – less is more with candy and never, ever sit on the front row at the movie theater.

But for real, through his words and example Dad has taught me countless life lessons in my 30 years and I feel like every time we’re together I learn something new. Here are ten lessons Dad has taught me, so far:

  1. If you put God first, He’ll take care of the rest
  2. You are the company you keep
  3. You can’t go wrong with The Eagles or The Beatles
  4. With hard work and determination anything is possible
  5. The truth will find you out
  6. Mom knows what she’s talking about
  7. The two most important decisions you make in your life: to become a Christian and who you will marry
  8. Always be kind and love people
  9. Beware of: a waitress who seats you in the corner and a house built in a hole
  10. You can always come back home

What life lessons has your Dad taught you? I want to hear! If you’re fortunate enough to still have your dad with you on this earth give him a call. Thank him and tell him how much you love him because a good father is such a gift.

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Bonnaroo 2013: Seen & Heard

photo (8)

What drugs has she taken?

We did that at my bar mitzvah!

photo (4)

I met my boyfriend at Bonnaroo last year.

Who is Jack Johnson?

photo (7)

Why would Creed be here?

I don’t even like kids and I know that’s wrong.

Paul McCartney, be my boyfriend.

photo (3)

In the cage with Nick Cage!

I took ALL the drugs this weekend.

photo (10)

Oh, Channing Tatum.

You’ve never seen The Office? Don’t you work in a cubicle?

photo (5)

I mean come on, of course I want you to tell me if I have something stuck in my teeth since I’m walking around in front of 50,000 people.

There are a whole lot of smells going on here!

photo (11)

He is for sure on bath salts.

Happy Father’s Day!

I’m way younger than my actual age – spiritually.


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