Real Talk: No More Single vs. Married (Please)

We’ve all seen them. The articles that poke fun at married women who are labeled as “sublimely unhappy” and “overcompensating” if posting too many pictures of one’s spouse – The Most Annoying Things Married People Do On Facebook – and even more annoying, those that pit single ladies against the married starting in the very title – … More Real Talk: No More Single vs. Married (Please)

Links I’m Loving

1. A photographer set out to capture beauty around the world and the images are stunning. ( 2. How exercise can make you happy – in just 20 minutes. ( 3. If you’re an Amazon shopper – and why shouldn’t you be? – you need to know this stuff. ( 4. Throwing an Oscars party Sunday … More Links I’m Loving

Links I’m Loving

1. Winter is coming – let’s keep our skin glowing, shall we? ( 2. This is a must have for the next party I throw. ( 3. 5 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship. ( 4. Try not to break into a serious smile after watching this. ( 5. Ever wondered what Disney Princesses would … More Links I’m Loving

Six Things

[ Adding a little more blonde at my favorite, Dandelion Salon. ] This past week was a good one. Busy, of course, but filled with wonderful things and people I love including a much-needed hair appointment, a hilariously bad pedicure from the fiance, early birthday celebrating with my sweet family complete with the most amazing cupcakes, and plenty of surprises! [ … More Six Things